3 Ways to Treat Small Varicose Veins

Varicose veins, a common condition, tend to be pretty noticeable. Because the veins are twisted and swollen, they usually appear just below the surface of the skin. While varicose veins are usually found in the legs, they can be located on other parts of the body. Sometimes these veins aren’t a problem; they don’t cause any type of serious medical condition. Here are several treatment options offered by a varicose vein center in Phoenix Arizona for smaller issues.


Despite the scary sounding name, this procedure is something that can be handled by any varicose vein doctor in Phoenix Arizona. The goal is to cause irritation and scarring to the vein by injecting a special chemical. It might not sound appealing but it is actually an easy way to deal with the smaller veins. Eventually, because of the chemical’s effects, the vein closes itself off and disappears. Usually it takes several treatments to see the final results of the procedure. A similar procedure, microsclerotherapy, is used to treat things like spider veins or other tiny varicose veins.


Surgical Procedure: Laser

This is one of the easiest options for a person dealing with very small varicose veins. With traditional laser surgery, there is no injection and there is no incision. Instead, a laser emits light energy into the vein. Over time, the vein begins to fade and it is no longer noticeable. Sometimes a doctor will need to cut a small incision in order to insert a tube into the vein. The laser creates heat, which then encourages the vein to close. While this is more in-depth than a traditional laser surgery, most patients are able to go home immediately following the treatment, experiencing minimal side effects.

Changes in Lifestyle

Even if varicose veins aren’t causing any medical problems, most people don’t want to continue seeing those veins pop up. In addition to preventing new varicose veins, these changes can also ensure that the current veins don’t get any worse. These changes include things like walking around or sitting down to ensure that person isn’t in the same position for an extended amount of time or getting a little more exercise to build up the leg muscles. Even avoiding tight clothes and high heels can reduce the chances of getting more varicose veins.

Each patient, working with a doctor, can choose the best varicose vein doctor in santa fe New Mexico for his or her body. Most people look to pair lifestyle changes with one of the procedures done at a varicose vein center to achieve the best results.